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Professional Installers of Brick Pavers, Tile and Marble.
Miami-Dade License: 15BS00533 
Broward County: CC# 16-PV-20103-X | Licensed & Insured.
Specialists in Brick Repairs and Maintenance.
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J & V Pavers Corporation is committed to ensuring that your information is safe and secure. In today's increasing digital age, privacy is of the up-most concern to all of us. This page is dedicated to informing you about how we handle sensitive information, and the measures we take to ensure that all information is secured.

J & V Pavers Corporation does not sell, or share personal information from you to others, unless given permission by you.


                             Phone Numbers                  E-Mail Information                    Payment Data                Sensitive Documents

J & V Pavers Corporation never stores your personal credit card information. 

Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay.

We proudly accept NFC (Tap-to-Pay) payments. These payments are far more secure than swiping your credit and/or debit card.

Chip-enabled Payments.

Chip-enabled credit cards are the next stage in fraud prevention. Our payment terminals fully accept chip-enabled credit cards.

Signature, required. 

In order to authenticate a payment, we require a valid signature and proper I.D. A receipt is then sent and also stored in our secure sever.


J & V Pavers Corporation proudly accepts payments using Square.

To learn more about their security commitment, click here: https://squareup.com/security

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