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J & V Pavers Paver Sealant Specialist.

We encourage our customers to protect their Pavers with a proper sealant application, done by professional sealant specialists, like J & V Pavers Corporation. 

It protects your investment for years, saving you money. Learn more about the benefits of sealing your pavers below.

Paver Sealant Specialists in Miami, FL  and Broward, FL

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Protect and enhances your pavers.

Paver Sealant Services | Service Available in Miami & Broward | 

Your pavers are just like many other things that may need maintenance in the long run and sealant is one of the best, if not the best, way to protect your pavers from losing their beauty. We highly encourage our customers to seal and protect their pavers. 

3-Main reasons why you should look into sealing your Pavers:

Exposure to Weather:

Constant exposure to weather outside may deteriorate your pavers in the long-run, especially over many years.

Oils and other possible stains:

It happens, spills and oils may land on your pavers, causing them to stain quickly.

Constantly Driving on your Pavers:

We know, it's a driveway for a reason, but constantly driving on your pavers may dirty them relatively quickly.

Why should I seal my pavers?


Sealant protects your pavers by adding a layer of protection against exposure to weather, oil, and stains caused by constantly being exposed to vehicles and outdoor elements. Over time, without any sealant, your pavers may deteriorate due to this constant exposure. 

Enhances and Protects Colors

There's a sealant for every style. Want a wet look for your pavers? Sealers are available in many varieties, to better suit your needs. However, ALL sealants enhance, and protect the color of your pavers by adding an invisible layer over the existing paver.

Long-Term Protection

Sealant is designed to last, last, and last. In fact, most sealants last an average of 2-3 years. It's a long-term investment that really pays for itself, by protecting your pavers from costly repairs.

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Prices starting as low as $0.75 a square foot!

Available normally as an add-on for new projects, our paver sealant specialists team professionally seals your current existing material at a very affordable cost. In most cases, before sealant is applied, an evaluation must be made prior to any work taking place in order to determine if pressure cleaning is required. This evaluation is available free of charge.


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Don't sweat it, let us do the thinking. We'll evaluate your pavers, at no charge. Our team will be on standby throughout the whole evaluation process to answer any questions you may have. 

You'll then receive an accurate, free quote.  

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