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Pavers add beauty and elegance to your home by adding a new sense of style to your property. J & V Pavers Corporation has, for over 20 years, been in the paving business throughout South Florida. We'd be glad to assist you in your next big project. To begin, scroll down below to learn more about our brick paving services.

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Brick & Travertine Pavers, Professional Installers - Miami, FL | Broward, FL

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J & V Pavers Corporation 1-year limited warranty for pavers.

Pavers are a wonderful edition to your property, and the options are truly remarkable. South Florida is home to many large manufactures such as: Gem Pavers, Tremron, Artistic Pavers, Brick America, just to name a few. For years, our company has worked closely with these manufactures to bring our customers the best of both worlds: quality material at a great price. We have proudly been investing in our communities for over 20 years. 


With many colors and sizes available to choose from, the possibilities are endless. We leave this portion up to you to decide, we've provided tools to help you get started. View colors. sizes, and shapes.

Select a manufacture below to visit their catalog: 


Looking for  estimated Installation Costs?

Information is available at the bottom of this page.

are travertine pavers suitable for pools

Unlike brick pavers, Travertine Pavers are a natural stone derived from our very own Earth. The beauty of Travertine lies in its unique characteristics that set it apart from brick pavers. The marble is cool to touch, available in unique colors, and are just as durable in any outdoor environment. Travertine may be installed in driveways, patios, walkways and pool decks. Majority of our customers choose to install Travertine Pavers in their backyard's due to its ability to remain cool to the touch in hot summer days.


There's a color for every style. We've listed some below to help kickstart your imagination. 

Ivory Travertine Pavers Miami


Travertine color noche


Travertine color silver

Silver Blend - A modern twist.

Travertine color leonardo

Leonardo -  Mixture of white, gold, dark brown, grey and light blue.

Travertine color walnut

Walnut Blend - Lighter shade than Gold/Noche.

Pricing and Information are located below.

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Request your free estimate today! Here's how it works: Request a free estimate, and we'll coordinate with you on setting up an appointment that work's best for you.

Have a specific paver you're very interested in? Perfect! Let us know, and we'll be glad to supply you with some samples. Not sure what you want? No worries, our team carries catalogs from manufactures to spark up your imagination.

Let's Talk.

During the estimate process, our team will be on standby to answer all your questions. We'll guide you through the process of choosing and buying your pavers, and what different options you may have in doing so.

We'll talk about pricing and how long the process of getting your pavers installed may take. We'll also talk about permitting, and if you'll need to apply or not. In addition, you'll receive a written proposal via email in 24 hours, afterwards.

No rush.

After steps one and two, we understand you may need time to think about the costs. No rush, we will gladly continue to answer any questions or concerns you may have until you make a decision.


The Timeframe.

Our goal is to make sure we do things as quickly and efficiently as possible without ever sacrificing quality workmanship. On average, projects take about 3-5 days to complete. If you need to apply for a permit, permitting processing may take 1-2 weeks to complete.

Result: 1-3 weeks for project to be completed in its entirety, including permitting processing, on average.

Your satisfaction, it's our upmost priority.


We know what it means to invest money into something we value. That's why we offer a 1-Year Limited Warranty to better protect your investment, at no additional charge. If in one year after installation something needs to be repaired, we've got you covered.* In addition, if something doesn't add up during our time working with you, we promise to listen and make it right. It really is that simple.

Let's build amazing.

We stand by what we mean, to be the best, most humble, trustworthy company. We're constantly evolving to better serve our customers, and to constantly listen to their concerns. Most importantly, we want you to know more about who we are, and what we believe in, it's Our Story.

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In most cases, you'll need to secure a valid permit from the appropriate city and/or county based on your location, in order for J & V Pavers Corporation to proceed. If so, we are ready to assist you in moving forward and securing the required permits. We work closely with you in securing all proper documents. Our team then takes the responsibility for submitting all documents to the appropriate departments, for an additional fee.

You'll need to have the following ready:



Notice of Commcncement

valid survey that is no older than 1-year. In some cases, surveys 2-3 years old may be accepted.

A valid application signed and notarized by the homeowner in order to submit all required documentation.

A signed and notarized Notice of Commencement if the project is more than $2,500.00 in value.


If you decide to move forward with assistance from J & V Pavers Corporation, 

here's what we'll take care of for you:

Drawing Plans

You'll need drawing plans to show the type of work you are applying for, not just a copy of a survey. We'll take care of that for you, and work with the appropriate building and/or other city departments, in case any revisions need to be made.

Submittal of Plans


J & V Pavers Corporation submits all documents and drawings required, in order to proceed for permit approval. We work closely with the city and/or county, in case anything needs to be revised and notify you of the progress being made.

Get it approved

Hooray for approvals! We'll get your permit approved. Once approved, we'll notify you of the approved status. 

We may now begin to work on site, and we'll take care of calling and requesting for all appropriate inspections.


To find your city and the required forms, click the icon below:

Have a question? We'll be glad to assist you.

Click the icon to the left to begin or live chat with us!

Select a Package, Prices Starting at:
What's Included 
Package 1 - $.
Price is based on regular pavers installed over a sand base with a cement border. Pavers are not included in this pricing. 

Note: This package is intended for areas that are solely going to be installed sand-set, and not with a reinforced land-rock base. 
Package 2: - $$.
  • New base preparation (with land-rock) for the installation of pavers. For instance, if you have an existing concrete driveway, the removal is included in this package as well.
  • Installation costs are included. 
  • Pavers will be installed over land-rock and sand with a cement border. 

Note: Pavers are not included and/or supplied in this package.
Package 3: - $$$

Price includess:
  • Preparation of area. For instance, if you have existing grass, or a driveway that needs to be removed/demolished, this package includes such cost.
  • Purchase and delivery of pavers from manufacture included.
  • Installation of desired pavers.

J & V Pavers Corporation will purchase the material and pay all delivery costs to your property. 

Package 4: $$$$.
High-end pavers include:
  • Original Old Chicago Brick
  • Artistic Pavers
  • Certain sizes and colors from select manufactures will alter pricing. 

Note: White cement pavers are priced higher than gray cement pavers. Manufacture catologs indicate which category each paver and its color fall into.

Pool Coping: 
 J & V Pavers Corporation professionally installs Pool Coping. Please Contact Us to learn more about pricing. 
Trash Removal:
 All packages include removal of trash from site at no additional cost, unless otherwise noted.
Price is dependent on square footage and seperate from any installation costs. 

New Customers! Visit our Special Offers page to learn more about discounts that may be available!

Need to repair your existing pavers? Click the arrow to the right to learn more about our Repair and Maintenance Services!

J & V Pavers Corporation 1-Year limited warranty.

Scroll down to learn more about our Payment Terms and 1-Year Limited Warranty.


Our payment terms are designed to be flexible and simple to understand. 

We split your balance due into 3-payments that are designed to give you the flexibility you need to pay off your whole balance.

Here's how it works: 

Install pavers today with small-down payments due!

Ranges from 30% to 50% of Total Balance Due.

The down-payment allows us to place and pay for orders that need to be manufactured, when choosing a package where pavers are supplied, or to begin working on site.
Mid-Payment offer.

Mid-Payments are due at 50% completion.

Once the project is at/around 50% completed, your mid-payment will be due.

Learn more about our payment terms.

Your final payment is due:

Once the project has been completed in its entirety and all permits have been approved and closed. If no permits are to be closed, your payment is due immediately upon completion.

Click the icon below to view a sample of our payment terms:

Learn more about how we handle Payment Security:

Sealer protects your investment for years to come!
Why should I seal my pavers?

Protect the beauty of your pavers. Our team professionally seals your pavers to conserve its beauty and color. 

To learn more about our Paver Sealant Services, click the icon below:

Visit our Contact Us portal to reach us, click the link below:

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